Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Today I didnt have to use my ak

I gotta say it was a good day.

Today consisted of school
Lunch with my nana
Doing errands
Going to Macy's and returning a dress I bought.
Watching the sweetest thing
Writing my paper for macro (not my best )
Oh and brenda bought a lip tint which I plan on slowly making mine.
Oh! And I did my nails
Chocolate Mondays, you say ?

Greetings from the 9th floor

Had lunch with my nana
Gold nails

Matte pink lips

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Productivity is key

I'm trying to get my life together, getting my goals on paper and eventually making them reality. I'm probably going to start blogging every couple of days. It's getting kind of busy to blog every day. My friend Smerdis really has helped me and I'm so happy for him for the changes he's making, he lives his life with motivation and determination and I admire that. Nothing interesting has been happening but heres my week so far , I bought this matte red lipstick im in love with. My unemployed ass bought $40 worth of music on iTunes today and ive started a croc epidemic in my house .
My unemployed ass spent $40 on iTunes today
Brenda, dad and i rocking our crocs
took the train to school today
matte red lips
smerdis, shoes and my crocs.
view from the metrorail
trying to get myself organized

Sunday, February 26, 2012

The silver lining to weddings

First and foremost I've been slacking on my pictures for this week. Coming back from my trip I came feeling disoriented and just not my self. Mostly because I've been feeling as if my life had been going no where and that I'm in a stump. I'm about to finish my AA this spring and for the past year or so I've been slacking because I've felt unmotivated and I've had nothing to look forward to. That hit me thursday as I went dress shopping, I spoke to my sister about it and she was trying to help me out. It didn't really work, it actually started to work when I spoke to a good friend of mine who just got his life back together. That's what's given me some motivation, I spent all of Friday thinking of things I need to plan for and I've come up with some short term goals as well as some long term goal. I want to get my life back together and I will. I'll probably post my list later today.

So this weekend was my sisters soon to be sister-in-law, got married. And as previously mentioned I found the silver lining to weddings and that's BoOZE. Man, booze make everything so much better. The ceremony started at 2 and by 3:10 I was already pretty buzzed. It was nice since I barely ever drink. I had a case of the giggles at around 5 I left the wedding early an had dinner with my friend Solsi. I'm so glad we did (still pretty buzzed all through dinner though) it was just me and her and we talked a lot, and I'm so thankful to have her as a friend. Afterwards I was supposed to meet up with her but that went to crap because of my being buzzed. The minute I hit my bed I knocked out. And that was T about 8:30 last night. So here I am 6:28 in the morning, catching up.
drunk bathroom shot at the reception
this isnt even all of it
<3 them

yummy shepards pie
Fat Witch from New York
Yummy british pub
Norma and Alfredos first dance
6 am after wedding shot
delicious, fattening cuban breakfast
Brendas beer
omw to the reception

soon to be new frames
wine (:

Monday, February 20, 2012

NYC is beautiful

Now back to reality. I'm home! These are the last shots I took on my phone. I have about 350+ pictures to post eventually. China town, getting lost and subways. Oh and the moma and some pictures during the flight home. I forgot to mention we carried our luggage with us all day.