Friday, March 30, 2012

Is it bad

That although I love my family, I really can't stand them. They're so infuriating, my god nothing is ever good enough or something is always a problem.

Today, I didn't drive to school. My sister dropped me off because my mom needed the car whatever that's fine. I called my sister to come get me but she couldn't so I was going to take the metro but she's so anal about taking it. It's annoying. She then talked me into asking Tiffany for a ride. I don't like asking people for favors doesn't matter how close we are I just don't like it. But I'm glad I did because I had fun. I ended up having lunch with camille, Ernesto and tiff at this all you can eat Japanese restaurant. So good, then we ended up driving around and doing nothing for 4 hours just talking stupid things. Around 4:30 I kind of wanted to go home because I felt bloated and tired my mom called and asked when I was coming I told her soon. Mind you I always have to lie because like I mentioned before she has a problem with everything. We ended up leaving at 5:30 and I got home like at 6:15. What I arrive to is my grandparents talking shit, on how I'm home late and that I was out the entire day, blah blah blah. I don't appreciate that because I seriously never go out, I am 20 years old and I can honestly say I don't do anything fun. My Fridays consist of my bed and Netflix, Saturday isn't any different. The main reason I don't go out is because I don't have a car anymore. And I won't get the car until next month, god knows when. And because I have been unemployed and like previously mentioned I don't like relying on people. So when for example I go out one weekend, in my parents eyes I can't go out the next. What is that? Or when I do decide I want to do something they talk me out of it, and it's not fair. Being home depresses me, and they're so selfish. So when they started with their crap I went to my room and started crying because I was so mad. My sisters can do whatever the fuck they want and not get told anything, I do it once and I'm horrible and fresh in my mothers words.

I feel bad about how I express myself about my family but then again not really because it's just the way they make me feel. I love them, but I don't like being around them too much. They put me in a horrible mood, and I'm always so laid back and passive.

Now, tomorrow is my sisters bachelorette party and the entire family is going to be there. Yay for me? Not really. I'm going to be annoyed and irritated like always.

I was only able to tell my dad and sisters I got the job. My mom, grandma and and grandpa took whatever joy I had in sharing my good news with them away.

Then people wonder why I'm so distant from my family.

By the way, guess what I'm doing...


That's right!! I'm laying on my bed this Friday night doing nothing. What my family loves.


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Saying goodbye for the millionth time

I don't think I mentioned my computer crashed a while ago. I mentioned it to a couple of people and see if they could help. One of them being my ex, he said he couldn't and yesterday he asked to take a look at it. I agreed, and we spent all night talking. It was nice, sometimes I miss him so much, other times not really. I hate that he calls me rude for nearly everything, jerk. Well whatever, I ended up going over and he fixed my computer. We talked, laughed and kissed. I love his kisses, but we agreed to not see each other or talk to one another. It's for the best. It's just nice seeing him and talking to him. This isn't the first time we say goodbye, but hopefully it's the last. He and I need to be alone. Maybe one day we can be friends again. Because god knows we can't.

I drew constellations on his back.

Pics of today.

                                                        Yummy quesillo

Monday, March 26, 2012

Its towards the end of the month.

School is officially over a month from now, I spoke to the fiu advisor finally today. She helped me out a lot, I'm officially going to be done in June and I'm debating if I should start fiu in the fall or late summer. She informed me that I wouldn't be able to get into the business program at fiu because thr minimum requirement is a 3.0 which is understandable since they have so many people in the classes. She then asked what I felt passionate about I told her baking and food. She then suggested hospitality and tourism, which isn't a bad option and it's actually towards what I wanna do. So I'm just going to finish with micro and math in the summer. I wish I would've gotten a hold of her sooner because I seriously did waste a lot of time at dade taking classes for business. But that's not going into vain, hospitality has a business aspect of it as well. So its not that bad and it all works out, downside is I could've been done sooner, upside I'm now informed. All I'm concerned with now is finishing this semester with decent grades and kicking ass in the summer. I feel so happy, life is good.

Oh, I forgot to mention we were approved for a house. So I am moving this year. And, I forgot to mention that the program I'm going to be in is in the biscayne campus, not the main campus so it's not going to be as packed and as loud. Which is fine.

So happy I could die.

Oh before I forgot, I haven't heard back from my job interview. I hope they call, I really want that job.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


I have a job interview tomorrow. I'm sure I'll get it. I don't want to reveal what or where it is until after and I know it's mine. Schools been going ok so far, I registered for graduation this week (: now all I have to do is finish my summer courses and I'll be at FIU in the fall.

The rest of this week had been rather chill, I'm going on a date Saturday that should be fun. Tania comes back from Spain tomorrow, I'll be 21 in about 3 weeks. I can't wait to go to pride, it's on the 15th.

I need to start taking more pics again I'm slacking :/ and to think the reason why I started this was because I wanted a photoblog lol.

Yesterday I had my sister draw the Om sign behind my ear because I want it as a tattoo and I wanted to see how it looked. My sister sucks and did it too big, but I scared my mom with it and a friend who got really mad at me. Oh well.

I forgot to mention I peed myself a little -.-

Pics of the week so far

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Its a nice day for a white wedding.

Sunday funday!!!!! I know Sunday is the beginning of the week but it always feels like the end to me. I'm sure I'm not the only one. My sister left to Spain today, lucky her. she's gone for a week. But shes going on business.

This week was rather slow. I don't remember doing much. I went to school all week, I need to catch up on notes and reading. I have to submit my transcripts to FIU, and I need to do some other things. I ended up dropping my business calculus class and taking it in the summer, along with two other classes. So much to do in such little time. Last night I hung out with an old friend of mine. It was nice to talk to him and just figure things out. Oh, I started taking the pills to get my period back but I haven't gotten it, so now I have to go to the doctor. Arg oh well. Here are some remaining pics of my week.

Some things to look forward to
-Tania's bachelorette party
-the return of my car, which I need to re name
-baking and cooking for the party
-my birthday. It's next month.

Also I forgot to mention my computer crashed. And I might be getting a job fairly soon. At least that's what I'm telling myself.

Draw something has taken over my life
he makes me love Miami

Studying Saturday morning
Best friend, or closest thing to it.
Stupid ex boyfriends shirt, but i love it (:
My everyday philosophy
He makes me happy too

Miami train

Thursday, March 15, 2012

I feel

Numb, but in a tired sort of way. I can't remember much of this week. Here are some pics of this week.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Theres nothing like you and I

New favorite song from the perishers. This weekend was pretty chill, went to see Project X. It was so funny, I loved it. On Saturday i had lunch with my family and stayed in watching movies. Today I went to Sweetness Bakery in Kendal because I wanted a cupcake. Idk why I was craving sweets, I think it's because of the hormones I'm taking to get my period. It makes me wanna eat anything in sight. Then I went to go see the vow with Nancy. I love her. And in talking to this guy he's 25. Let's see how that goes. I'm not really interested yet i kind of want a boo, but a familiar boo. I keep thinking of one in particular. :/ oh and this freaking time change sucks -.-

wish i wouldve gone to beach

My new favorite song to fall asleep to.
CLASS stuff
Tupac has a statue in Germany

My celebrity look-alike is sean lennon, wtf
omw to lunch with the family

Thursday, March 8, 2012


I haven't blogged in a while, school is getting really stressful and all I'm focused with passing and leaving dade this summer.

From what I can recall my week has looked a little like this

-joined a w.l. Group
-studied and burned brain cells doing math
-bipolar weather, rain, cold, wind and excruciating heat.
-returning to tumblr and some things.
-going to the mathlab
-got my joythebaker book
-went to the food trucks
- ate sushi.
(I'm combing this week and last)
I got new frames too

Thank go tomorrow is Friday, I'm so sleepy.
Pluto is all groomed
I like to doodle in class 
Matte red lips
Baked potato for lunch at treats cafe
Oatmeal and mango smoothie for breakfast

Romeo and Juliet rolls
Hialeah random car show

Outside the hurricane in springs

Driving home at 6 am
New frames
Thats how much money school has given back to me in the last 3 years